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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: From Cabin Crew to becoming a Sugar Sculpture Artist

Ms. Alicia Lim has been working full-time as a cabin crew for almost 23 years. The considerable amount of years in the industry as a flight attendant is on account of her love for travel and adventure. Meeting new people, creating wonderful memories, Alicia’s travels are more than simply exploring foreign countries. 

Alicia has another love and that is sugar art. It has started off as a hobby, a passion that Alicia studies and creates in her free time. And now, it has become her temporary full-time job. 

“I started learning the skill of sugar art seven years ago. I have learnt the art through online tutorials and practises creating it by myself at home. As a result of the devastating effects of COVID-19, the cancellation of flights around the world that has directly impacted my job, I have turned to make sugar art full time.”


“I love watching cartoons and reading fairy tales. I have always been interested in art and craft since I was young. The satisfaction from creating beautiful cakes for special occasions and celebrations is immeasurable.”


Alicia explains the process of creating sugar art. “I supply sugar art to my good friend’s cake shop, Sooperlicious. When she receives an order, she will call me for discussion regarding the design. Before COVID-19, we had completed several cake projects for some government departments and well-known companies. As sugar art usually complements custom cake designs, I will go back and begin the sugar art creation after the finalisation of the design.” 


Alicia further elaborates on the creation of sugar sculpting. “The process of sugar sculpturing can take from one to four hours, depending on the design details. The price range is also dependent on the complexity of the design and size, from $50 to $100.”


Sugar art is very fragile. It is usually created using sugar paste such as gum paste or fondant (which is like edible Play-Dough). Before the paste dries, you can sculpt it into just about anything you can imagine. Of course, you have to be meticulous and quick.

“Although sugar art is edible, it is not something you will enjoy eating as it is used more for aesthetic purposes. Once the flowers or figures created are dry, the sugar art can last indefinitely if they are kept in a cool and dry place, away from the sun.”


Despite not being able to fly during this tumultuous period, Alicia is able to look past the difficult times and find joy in her passion. With grit and resilience, she eventually turns her passion into a business. 

“I hope the pandemic will be over soon and all flights can resume. I can’t wait to go back to flying and meeting my best buddies again. I also do wish to continue making sugar art even after returning as a cabin crew.”

Check out Alicia’s intricate and beautiful sugar art @alicia.lim.77128