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How to slim down in 90 days?

Many people find it hard to lose weight effectively despite dieting and exercising, Elaine was no exception. After years of struggling to lose weight due to childbirth, Elaine has found a natural way to slim down effectively. Elaine has since become a successful distributor of Yangsen®️ Slimming Belt, helping many others with similar weight issues. Read on to discover her secrets to healthy and effective weight loss.

How did you come across Yangsen® Slimming Belt? How do you use it?
I discovered Yangsen® Slimming Belt through a friend’s post on Facebook and WeChat. Simply strap the heat belt around your tummy with the slimming herb packet, twice a day (30mins every morning and night). However, do avoid application during menstruation.

Did you lose any weight after using it?
I’ve lost a total of 10kg from the 90 days program. From the initial weight of 62kg to 52kg.

Elaine’s stunning transformation

Is Yangsen® Slimming Belt safe?
The product is safe as it consists of all-natural herbs that help to
regulate and increase our metabolism rate. It is a good choice of weight loss program without weight rebounds. I’ve maintained my weight since I last used the Yangsen slimming pack, which was 1 year ago.

How long did it take for you to see the slimming effect?
I was able to see visible results from the second month of the program.

Are there any dietary requirements?
For the recommended diet, we are advised to have 4 meals a day. We should have a balanced diet like white rice with a choice of meat and 2 types of vegetables. For dinner, minimise starch intake. Have something light like fruits, boiled vegetables or a plain cup of yoghurt.

Yangsen® Slimming Belt uses heating through the electric belt, heat pack on the navel to dissolve fat, clear the meridians, balance the blood, open the acupuncture points, regulate endocrine, improve the body’s metabolism, and fundamentally change the fat constitution.

No fasting, no rebound, no pills, and no exercise needed. Contact Elaine if you would also like to achieve your desired weight.